Hear ThoroThursdayz

Thank you to whomever you may be that is taking the time to listen.

Time is money & i will not waste yours.

I'm a Cape Verdean emcee from Waterbury, CT.

My stage name is iXzi$t (pronounced i exist).

I call myself that because throughout life,

i have stared death in the face multiple times,in different scenarios

and i still stand here before you today.

At age 17 i was diagnosed with a condition

where i suffer from tumors throughout my body.

Doctors don't have the last word.

I survived brain & multiple other operations,


I'm meant to be here & the world will know i exist.

My story is one of pain,ambition,determination & triumph.

I posted a new freestyle/song weely since April 2014.

I call ThoroThursdayz

I bring creativity to the table.

I got the looks,lyrics,smarts & smooth persona.

Witness a legend in the making.


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this tape & get familiar

with iXzi$t

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